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Ronald Cohen

is a staff scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science, and is interested in behavior of transition metal oxides and other correlated materials under compression, especially magnetic and insulator to metal transitions. He is using DFT, QMC, LDA+U, and DMFT to study these systems.

Antoine Georges

Gabriel Kotliar

Jernej Mravlje

Is a postdoc at École Polytechnique (France). His current work revolves around bad metal behavior and coherence-incoherence crossover in correlated metals such as ruthenates, cobaltates and organics. His broader interests include mesoscopics and quantum information.

Sergey Savrasov

Darko Tanaskovic

Assistant Research Professor at the Scientific Computing Laboratory, Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia. Research interest is in application of DMFT methods. Recent work focuses on the effects of disorder on the incoherent transport in kappa-organics, understanding of the Wigner-Mott transition in the 2d electron gasses, and antiferromagnetic phases in heavy fermions.

Nikolay Zeyn

Veljko Zlatic

Senior Scientist at The Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia. Recent interest mainly in thermoelectric and thermomagnetic properties of strongly correlated nano-scale materials close to the metal-insulator transition.