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Thursday afternoon Barbeque at Goleta Beach, March 4, 2010, 4:30pm
We are planning to self-organize a barbeque at Goleta Beach on Thursday afternoon, March 4.
Bring your own stuff (steaks, drinks, wurst, whatever else) to grill. We will be meeting at Goleta Beach at 4:30pm

Please sign up below to indicate you are coming:

1. Erik Koch
2. Eva Pavarini
3. Rossitza Pencheva
4. Emanuel Gull
5. Jernej Mravlje
6. Ryotaro Arita

Tuesday night dinner, January 26.
The traditional "Thursday night dinner" will be a Tuesday night dinner this week, in
order to honor our distinguished "experimentalist of the week", D.D. Sarma.
We plan to go to the restaurant "Something's fishy", a Japanese place in downtown
Santa Barbara.
(Despite the name of the restaurant, you do not have to eat fish: they also have meat
and vegetables.)
We meet at the restaurant at 7 pm. For people who want to go by bus, the most
convenient connection seems to be the Express bus (24 X) leaving at KITP at 6:34 pm,
to Transit Centre, then walk down State Street (see the link above for a map).

Please sign up below, and indicate if you have a car:

1. D.D. Sarma
2. Ole Andersen (has a car, and goes back towards Isla Vista)
3. Sanne Andersen
4. Silke Biermann
5. Matthias Scheffler
6. David Ceperley (have a car)
7. Peri Ceperley
8. Ansgar Liebsch (x 2)

ATTENTION: Change of time! We meet at 7:45 pm at the restaurant!!!

Thursday night dinner, January 21, at 7pm:
We will again go to the Goleta Beach Cafe, 10 min on foot from the KITP,
Please sign up below:

1. Silke Biermann
2. David Jacob
3. Takashi Miyake
4. Jan Tomczak
5. Andy Millis
6. Michel Ferrero
7. Markus Aichhorn
8. Jernej Mravlje
9. Darko Tanaskovic
10. Ole Andersen
11. Sanne Andersen
12. Ben Powell
13. Olivier Parcollet

Thursday night dinner:
Thursday, Jan. 14, we will start our Thursday night dinner tradition. We plan to go
to Goleta Beach Cafe, the restaurant on Goleta Beach, just a 10 min. walk from the
KITP. Please sign up below (before Wednesday 2pm!).

Update: We meet at the restaurant at 7pm.

1. Silke Biermann
2. Alberto Camjayi
3. David Jacob
4. Jan Tomczak
5.Zach Fisk
6.veljko zlatic
7.Takashi Miyake
8.Darko Tanaskovic
9.Emanuel Gull
10. David Ceperley
11. Peri Ceperley
12. Jernej Mravlje
13. Andy Millis
14. Ben Powell
15. Nicola Spaldin (I can't make it before around 8ish so will join you for dessert/drinks if you go earlier...)
16. Jaime Merino
17. Ole Andersen